Sore Throat Crushing Limeade

My throat started feeling a bit sore yesterday afternoon and it’s been bothering me all day today as well. I have a week long camping trip that starts next weekend, so whatever it is, I want it gone! I’m pulling out the big guns to try to stop it before it turns in to a full blown cold. This is it. If this doesn’t help, I’m not sure what will. I will warn you, it’ll put hair on your chest.

2 oz lime juice (Vitamin C!)

2 tblsp local raw honey (Strengthens Immune system and soothes sore throats)

2 pinches of cayenne pepper (Anti-bacterial, soothes soar throat, detox support)

1/2 tsp powdered ginger (Soothes sore throat, helps in absorption of essential nutrients)

8 oz water (Um, it’s water. We need it to live. Also, it keeps us hydrated and our throats lubricated)


It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.