As A Health Coach…

I truly believe that we are all individuals that have completely different needs. Our bodies, backgrounds, digestive tracks, physical and emotional stamina are like our fingerprints. They belong to us and only us. It’s called bio-individuality and it’s why no one way of eating or living works for everyone. Vegetarianism may work for some, but leave others feeling weak and lethargic and the Paleo diet may be right for many, but leave others dealing with weak immune systems.

As a Health Coach, I work with every client as a unique individual with very individual needs. I take a completely holistic approach, considering my client’s family history, personal history, ethnic background, food sensitivities and constitution. We work together closely to improve not just diet, but fitness level, relationships, career and every aspect of life that helps create a healthy balance. For when our lives are balanced and happy, we are much more likely to make better food choices.

Of course I work with all types of people that need my support, but I specialize in working with parents who are struggling to make the right nutritional decisions for themselves and their children. Ideally, kids would eat every nutritious meal we set in front of them, but we know the reality. There are many parents out there that are overjoyed just to get their kids to eat something other than chicken nuggets and bagel bites. I’ve talked to so many moms and dads that feel it’s one of the most difficult parts of being a parent. Sometimes it feels as if they are all alone in their struggle and that they are failing somehow as a parent. So, I’m here as part of their team. To motivate and cheer them on, every step of the way.

My Six Month Program:

Why is my program six months long? Bad habits don’t go away overnight. Ever tried to quit smoking or stop drinking coffee? Did cold turkey work for you? If it did, bravo!! If not, you might understand that sometimes you need to take baby steps in order to make the transition more tolerable which actually gives you a much better chance of kicking the habit once and for all. Also, if you’ve ever been on any diet that required you to drastically change your way of eating all at once, you know that it’s pretty much doomed to fail. Both of these scenarios may make you feel like a failure and you are much more likely to fall back into your old routines. A six month program allows you to take things at a pace that is not too jarring to your physical or mental comfort. You will set your own personal goals at every session and you have me there to hold you accountable and motivate you to keep achieving those goals.

What’s In It For You:

  • One free 50 minute health consultation
  • Two 50 minute health coaching sessions per month (In person, over Skype, FaceTime or phone)
  • E-mail support in between sessions
  • Individualized recommendations and goal tracking
  • Handouts including: recipes, relevant articles and information on various dietary theories
  • Complimentary Supermarket Walk (tour of your preferred supermarket through the eyes of a health coach)
  • Cooking tips: Most efficient food preparation, best fats to cook with, proper storage of fresh produce
  • Access to the Enlightened Nourishment Facebook page, blog and “Nourishments” board on Pinterest (for additional support and guidance)
  • Samples (healthy foods and products that will enhance your healthy lifestyle)
  • Most importantly, I offer you a safe place to talk about you. No judgements and no interruptions while you talk about your fears, hurdles, concerns and accomplishments. This is your program and you have control over what you get out of it. I am simply here to facilitate your progress and guide you to your best possible health.

I also offer a Three Month Program for individuals who are already on their way to good health but seek some extra guidance and accountability along the way. Lastly I offer a One Month Program which is great if you don’t want to commit to a full program, but are looking for pointers on how to eat and shop healthier. All of the programs include the Supermarket Tour.


Six Month Program (12 sessions) – $150 per month

Three Month Program (six sessions) – $150 per month

One Month Program (two sessions) -$175 total


I am happy to work with individuals as well as groups. The more people that I am able to reach the more positive change I am able to make in the world.

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