An extremely brief history of me…

I started life as the runt of the litter. Small, skinny, clumsy and with bum eyes to boot. As I got older, I battled digestive issues like chronic constipation and as a late teenager, intense cramping from eating the “wrong foods”. I’ve spent the last 20 or so years of my life hunting and gathering. Hunting for the solution to my digestive issues and gathering as much information as I could to correct the discomfort, fatigue and emotional ups and downs that can all be tied to poor digestion.

Now, at 40, I am a stay at home mom that strives everyday to provide my family and myself with the best possible nutrition. As an adult, “food as medicine” has become my passion. Though I researched and looked behind every rock along my path, I knew there was still tons for me to learn. So, that is why two years ago I took the plunge and returned to school. I attended Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach. It was all online, so I could still be home for the kiddos. It wasn’t easy, but it was what I had to do for myself and my family. It’s in every fiber of my being to do this. I wanted to first help myself, then help others.

Nutrition and health related careers are taking off right now because of the obesity epidemic that has taken over this country and has begun to seep in to other parts of the world, thanks to intense marketing of the American diet. We, as a country, are really really sick. I mean super duper sick! We have all heard the news, read the reports, seen the memes on Facebook. We’re fat, tired and filled with cancer and heart disease. It’s pretty scary to think about, but I do. I think about all of it. I think about my kids, husband, family, friends and neighbors. All of us. Together we made this country sick and together we need to make it healthy again. Government agencies, corporations, schools and individuals. We all had a hand in what’s going on, so all of us need to take responsibility for correcting it. My part in fixing this debacle is to educate myself and to pass that knowledge on to as many people as I can. Young, old, rich, poor, healthy and dying.

So, now I’ve completed the course and have become a certified as a health coach. I’m armed with over a hundred different nutritional theories and the ability to match each client with which ever theory fits their body best. I hope to spread enlightened nourishment throughout my town, state, country and the world. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m up to the challenge.

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